Leopard November 2014 front coverTabloid journalism is no modern phenomenon. In Aberdeen, around the time the young Victoria was ascending to the throne, people were shocked, thrilled and thoroughly entertained by two rival scandal sheets, The Aberdeen Shaver and The Aberdeen New Shaver, whose outrageously cutting comments on the allegedly immoral behaviour of well-known citizens make today’s sensational celeb reports seem tame by comparison. Graeme Milne looks back in amazement this month at some of their scurrilous stories.

I’m interested to learn that Leopard has one thing in common with those notorious Shavers - and that’s the fact that our readers traditionally ‘share the love’ by passing the magazine on to friends and family throughout the UK and abroad. It’s very heartening to know that we have such a wide audience - but this does have a limiting effect on our sales! Therefore, in the run-up to Christmas, why not think about gifting a subscription to a family member or friend? That way, you’re not only sharing your favourite magazine; you’re also giving Leopard the opportunity to grow and flourish in the years ahead. And we’re offering you a wee incentive in this month's issue...

Judy Mackie, Editor